About Us

Homeless Nexus is a tax exempt nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas founded by LaDonna York in March 2012.

Homeless Nexus reaches out to those in our community who don’t have a voice – those who need help but aren’t receiving it. Regardless of age, race, gender, religion or orientation, Homeless Nexus provides that help. Through donations from our supporters, we’re able to provide hygiene items, food, clothing and more to the men, women and children of Dallas’ streets.

About LaDonna

LaDonna feels a personal connection to the homeless of Dallas. As a child, she lived on the streets of Dallas and in several homeless shelters with her biological mother and twin sister. As a family on the streets, they still found time to volunteer to help others; this instilled a sense of charity in LaDonna and helped shape her future as an advocate for people who need help.  

When LaDonna became an adult she volunteered regularly in the DFW homeless community, but she didn't feel like she fit in as an atheist among these mostly-Christian organizations.  She searched for secular options in which to volunteer for the homeless and came up empty-handed, so she decided that she would build one herself.

The Homeless Nexus Mission

The mission of Homeless Nexus is to assist, guide, and bring hope to the homeless community through advocacy, equality, and integrity. We embrace free thought and social responsibility. The directors of Homeless Nexus believe in leading by example and encouraging all people to help those less fortunate.

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Meet the Board


LaDonna York - Executive Director/Founder

LaDonna York Homeless Nexus Executive Director Founder


Marshall King - Planning Director

Marshall King Homeless Nexus Planning Director


Alicia Tucker - Financial Director

Alicia Tucker Homeless Nexus Financial Director


Ron Steinke - Information Director

Ron Steinke Homeless Nexus Information Director