Volunteer Information

Homeless Nexus Giveaway LaDonna York Love


About Our Giveaways


1st & 3rd Sundays each Month at 10:45 am till we're done (usually an hour).


TBD each week.  We prefer to be of service to tent cities but Dallas has eradicated them all, so when that happens our friends tend to gravitate towards the shelters so we will meet near a shelter to service those that aren't in the shelter.  Please RSVP online or text LaDonna at 214-518-1798


1. No drinking at a giveaway. 

2. No showing up intoxicated. 

3. No volunteers are allowed to touch our homeless friends.  *Hugs, Hi 5's & Handshakes excluded

4. If you find that a situation is escalating, DO NOT engage further and immediately find a Director to notify.  

5. No "selfies" or photography in general allowed from volunteers.

**We do not recommend bringing children under the age of 12.** 

What do we provide?

Freshly Grilled Hot Dogs • Chips • Water • Bus Passes • Soap • Shampoo • Body Wipes • Pocket Tissue • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Deodorant • Toilet Paper • Razors • Shave Cream • Lotion • Lip Balm • Socks • Dog Food • First Aid Kit • Nail Clippers • Comb • Pad of Paper • Pen • Advil • Trash Bag • Hot Coffee • Female Condoms • Condoms.

What can you bring?

Soda • Granola • Trail Mix • Gum • Tiny Hand Sanitizer • Hand Warmers • Gloves • Bug Spray (Deet Based) • Underwear • Backpacks • Tents • Over-The-Shoulder Bags • Umbrellas • Rain Poncho • Candy • Jerky • Clothing • Shoes • Sleeping Bags.

Do you need a document signed to prove you volunteered?  Find LaDonna, she'll take care of that for you.  All volunteer hours are counted!  Those who volunteer the most will get a little swag at our yearly volunteer luncheon, as well as our top donors! <3  We love you guys!

If you'd like to volunteer at a giveaway, please RSVP at our Facebook page, send us a tweet, fill out our Contact form, or send an email. Everyone is welcome!