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About Our Giveaways

We hold giveaways in Dallas on the first and third Sunday of each month.  Volunteers are the backbone of our charity and your time is greatly appreciated. Volunteers are welcome to bring items to give away, but it certainly is not required of you. We ask all volunteers to sign in, please locate a director for the clipboard. Should you need a letter stating the hours volunteered, we would be more than pleased to provide that to you.

Giveaways start at 11:00 a.m. and last approximately two hours. We hand out toiletries, snacks, condoms, socks, and other items in plastic grocery bags and allow people to take the items they need, leaving what they don't. 

To anyone wishing to bring their children to a Giveaway, we welcome your participation and respect your judgment regarding your child's maturity level and sensitivity. Although the vast majority of the people we serve are polite, respectful and friendly, some of our clients may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and some suffer from mental illness. They are all living unsheltered, outdoors in tents or sometimes exposed to the elements. It can be a hard thing to experience, both for adults and for children. We experience a lot of joy at Giveaways as we offer (and receive) support, comfort and friendship, but there are some things that are difficult to experience.

We have children volunteer most weeks but want to make sure you are aware of the conditions and feel that your children will be able to participate without too much distress. Thanks for understanding our concern for your children's safety and well-being.

Being a secular group in the Bible belt, we will be subject to extra scrutiny. That being said, we request that no volunteers bring or consume alcoholic beverages during a giveaway. We also request that no volunteer wear clothing that may be interpreted as inflammatory. 

If you show up a few minutes before 11:00, you should see us setting up.

Below is a list of some items that we like to provide on a regular basis. Travel sized items are preferred as many homeless persons do not have a place to keep their belongings and lighter items are easier to carry. Things we are always looking to obtain are backpacks, cots/chairs in over-the-shoulder bags, one-person tents, sleeping bags, and umbrellas.

All Year Long

Soap • Shampoo • Body Wipes • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Deodorant • Toilet Paper • Razors • Shave Cream • Lotion • Lip Balm • Water • T-Shirts • Pants • Socks

Winter Items

Hand Warmers • Long Sleeve Shirts • Long Underwear • Coats/Jackets • Ear Muffs • Gloves/Mittens • Stocking Caps

Pre-packaged Food Items

Granola Bars • Snack Crackers • Chips • Trail Mix • Jerky • Chewing Gum


If you'd like to volunteer at a giveaway, please RSVP at our Facebook page, send us a tweet, fill out our Contact form, or send an email. Everyone is welcome!