The Directors of Homeless Nexus believe wholeheartedly in second chances provided that honesty is forthcoming.

So Carmen is a 34 year old man living in Pittsburgh that is starting classes for the 3rd time on the 11th at the local community college to obtain his GED. 

He requested help in the way of transportation to allow him to attain this goal. We contacted the the GED Director of the Community College to confirm his registration and got more than confirmation but support as well, they really want to see him achieve his GED.

So the Director and I worked out a plan. We sent Carmen his first weeks worth of bus passes and in order for him to obtain the rest of the bus passes he must attend the classes and his professor will provide him with them.

We wish you all the best Carmen! 



Meet Alfredo who is disabled. All he asked for was a rolling backpack to make his homeless road a little easier. 

I discovered that he was almost out of minutes from his government phone, so we got him some more minutes too.

As you can see by his smile, Alfredo takes life in stride and has a wonderful attitude despite his current situation. He also gives big bear hugs which y'all know LaDonna just loves.


Meet Patricia who is staying at a homeless shelter working towards her associates degree since last semester. She just asked for some school supplies and a backpack. 

We discovered while speaking to her that she needed some new shoes and some phone minutes too, which of course we provided.

We wish Patricia well this Spring semester!


We met Jeff in Houston on a particularly cold and wet day. All he asked for was a tarp and some rope to help weatherproof his tent. We were glad to oblige.


Meet Billy who is a self admitted addict to crack cocaine. We provided him with a monthly bus pass and a hot square this morning at McDonalds.

He is currentlly seeking help at a local homeless shelter for both drug treatment and document retrieval. 

He caught our eyes immediately yesterday at the giveaway when he jumped in to help us set up. This man has good character and we wish him the very best.


Thanks to The Thinking Atheist "5 in 5" Holiday Fundraiser, we were able to help this young lady, Amanda, and her two day old son, Alexander. 

We purchased some clothes for the baby, a pair of tennis shoes for mom, two packs of diapers, two cans of formula, and covered the cost of her pain meds since Medicaid wouldn't cover it. 

Since when does Medicaid not cover a few pain pills for someone who just had a c-section and their tubes tied?

We wish nothing but the best for this brand new human being and his momma.


We met John a couple weeks ago during our last Dallas giveaway. He is currently homeless and staying at the Austin Street Center. We got to chatting with him about his situation and learned that he worked for a local school district as a master electrician and was let go after his second back surgery.

After he lost his job, his situation quickly worsened. Without a steady income, bills quickly piled up, and before he knew it, he was homeless. He’s just recently turned 62 and is waiting for his Social Security benefits to kick in, as well as waiting to be able to access his retirement funds. 

We asked him what we could do to help, and he didn’t ask for much.

At a minimum we want to provide him with a couple months of bus passes. He has also requested a few other items that we'd love to provide such as some haircuts and a backpack.


CJ is an atheist who is homeless and currently sleeping on the concrete floor at a friends house.  He is diagnosed bipolar and has been off his meds for a couple of weeks because he has no transportation to make it to his appointments at Metrocare Services.  

His application for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied if he can't continue seeing his doctor.  He has reached out to several organizations, most of which are religious and we are the only ones that have responded.

We put out the above call for action on our FB page telling the donors of all he needed and a couple of things that he wanted to make his homelessness more tolerable.  The donors pulled out all the stops for CJ and we were able to provide him with all he needed and wanted which included 3 monthly bus passes, tape style walkman, backpack, and phone minutes.

James & Tammy

We received a call from Tammy & James, a homeless couple in Irving, which had most of their belongings stolen, including all identifying documents. They were struggling to find help in the Dallas area without their documents. We may not have all the resources yet to help them with all their troubles, but we knew that one call to the Day Resource Center for the Homeless would make a big difference in their lives. 

LaDonna met them at their hotel room bearing gifts from the donors of Homeless Nexus of new under clothing, new jeans, and toiletries to get them through 2-3 weeks. We purchased regional tickets for bus/train fare from Dallas to Ft. Worth. They are well on their way to a successful start to pulling themselves out of homelessness. Homeless Nexus donors ROCK!